How to Select The Right Targeting for My AdGuru Campaign

For any campaign to be successful, it is crucial that the targeting is done right. AdGuru allows you to select proper targets based on the geographical location, city, state or country. This means that you can target both small and big areas alike.

If your services have area limitations, for example if you do laundry or mattress cleaning, it is highly recommended to keep the targeting aimed at the areas that you serve. This way, your ads will not be seen by the people outside your service areas.

However, on the other hand, if you are an eCommerce store and ship products all over the country, selecting the country option would be the best pick. AdGuru will make sure that users residing in other countries do not see your ads, thus keeping your ads as relevant as possible.

Similarly, if you provide your services to just one or a few states, make sure that you choose the states option for better targeting.

What Are The Different Target Customer Personas?

  •  Showcaser
    Julie uses her website as her online portfolio to highlight her designing works so far, and to showcase positive reviews. She will use AdGuru to generate more leads and convert them into sales.
  • Non Profit (Educator)
    Julie works for an orphanage and wants to tell people about the upcoming donation events. In this case, she will use AdGuru to drive donations and market the orphanage.
  • Image Builder
    Julie owns a brick and mortar store, but she wants to connect with online customers as well. She will use AdGuru as a medium to generate leads and drive foot traffic to her store.
  • Online Seller
    Julie sells handcrafted items on her website. She will use AdGuru to bring more traffic to her website and make sales.
  • Web Developer
    Julie creates websites for small businesses using WordPress and other tools. She will use AdGuru to market her services and reach more customers.

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