Getting Started with AdGuru

HostPapa’s AdGuru service helps you manage online pay-per-click (PPC) advertising campaigns for Google, Yahoo and Bing from a single, easy to use interface. Get up and running quickly with AdGuru with the following steps:


What is AdGuru?

Well-managed PPC advertising campaigns can offer a strong return on investment, but there can be a steep learning curve required to run campaigns across each of the major platforms. Alongside getting to grips with varying terminology and multiple campaign management platforms, a significant time investment is required in monitoring advertising bids and keyword selection to optimize clicks and stay within budget.

AdGuru simplifies campaign management to optimize your PPC ads. The platform uses behavioral and predictive analytics to constantly analyze and predict a user’s likeliness to complete a goal. AdGuru works to leverage the performance of keywords that produce the most clicks, optimizing the use of your advertising budget by intelligently allocating spend to the keywords that deliver your sales and marketing goals.

Automated Campaign Tracking Backed by Dedicated Expertise

Alongside AdGuru’s intelligent campaign analytics and insight, you’ll benefit from dedicated expert advice and support from an AdGuru advertising specialist. Within 24 hours of purchasing a campaign, a specialist will review your plan and contact you with advice to optimize your spend and give the campaign an initial boost.

From there, you’ll receive a personalized status of campaign progress from your AdGuru specialist, detailing the actions that have been taken to optimize your advertising and recommend additional actions that will help you reach your goal.

It can take around two months to test and optimize campaigns, so expect to see results from your advertising activity in five to ten weeks. You can review your campaign at any time from the AdGuru portal.

The AdGuru Portal

Shortly after you sign up for your AdGuru account, you’ll receive a welcome email which includes the details you need to access the AdGuru Portal. You’ll find it’s easy to manage and monitor your online advertising campaigns using AdGuru’s suite of analytics tools and reports.

AdGuru Portal

Feel free to log into the dashboard and take a look around as we explain how campaign management works.

Understanding AdGuru Campaigns

You can launch two types of AdGuru campaign:

  • Google/Bing Marketing (Search Engine Marketing) campaigns target users searching for relevant products or services in major search engines such as Google or Bing. Adverts are shown adjacent to relevant search engine results.
  • Display Marketing (Display & Retargeting) campaigns use browser tracking information to target users that have previously searched for your products and services. Banner adverts are displayed on relevant sites as users continue to browse the web. You can narrow your traffic by selecting relevant business categories and target locations, use retargeting tactics to promote your products and services to previous visitors to your website and prospecting features to identify strong business leads.

Install the AdGuru Website Tracking Code

Before building your first campaign, we recommend that you install the AdGuru Website Tracking Code. The tracking code is a short snippet of Javascript code that allows us to produce insights that can be used to optimize your campaigns. There are two ways you can obtain this code.

1. If you are using HostPapa Website Builder.

You don’t need to do anything. The code will be automatically updated for you.

2. If you are using WordPress or any other CMS, hosted either with HostPapa or any other hosting service.

In this case you will have to get the code from your HostPapa dashboard and install it on your website. To get the code, go to Dashboard > My Services > Marketing Tools > Product/Service and select AdGuru. Click on Download Code Snippet.

Once you’ve done this, you will get the following screen from where you can copy the code.

Remember, the code should be placed just before the closing </body> tag.

If you are a HostPapa Optimized WordPress customer:

The plugin will be automatically installed in your WordPress interface when AdGuru is set up for you. All you need to do is activate the plugin.

  1. Go to your site’s WordPress interface -> Plugins.
  2. Look for “HostPapa Analytics and Online Marketing”, and click Activate
    You should have these files in your system.

If you are a HostPapa Optimized WordPress customer and the plugin is not already installed for you:

  1. Go to HostPapa Dashboard -> My Services -> Marketing Tools -> AdGuru Service for your domain -> Details -> Download Code Snippet
  2. Click “Install WordPress Plugin” button. A message will appear saying if the plugin was installed successfully:
  3. If the plugin installed successfully, go to your site’s WordPress interface -> Plugins.
  4. Look for “HostPapa Analytics and Online Marketing”, and click Activate
  5. If the plugin install failed, download the plugin and install it manually (see instructions below).

If you are using another hosting provider: download the plugin and install manually

  1. Go to HostPapa Dashboard -> My Services -> Marketing Tools -> AdGuru Service for your domain -> Details
  2. Click on “Download Code Snippet”
  3. Click on “Download the Adguru WordPress plugin” button. You will be prompted to save an file
  4. Go to your site’s WordPress interface -> Plugins
  5. Click “Add New”
  6. On the Add Plugins screen, click “Upload Plugin”
  7. Upload the file
  8. Go to the Plugins screen
  9. Look for “HostPapa Analytics and Online Marketing” and click Activate.

Once the code has been installed, AdGuru receives tracking data from your website, telling us how visitors behaved when visiting. You’ll be able to see which pages visitors browsed, whether they accomplished specific goals (such as a purchase, download or form submission) and identify how those visitors arrived at your site.

Together, this data helps us understand which ads are really driving traffic and sales to your site. We can use that insight to predict what other visitors will do. Additionally, we can identify those users making multiple visits to your website.

With the tracking code installed, you can see:

  • Which of your ads is generates the most visits.
  • Which page of your website visitors spend the most time on.
  • How many returning visits to the website it takes before purchases are made.

Build Your First Campaign

With the Tracking Code installed, you can get to work planning your first campaign on the AdGuru portal. As it’s your first campaign, take some time to work through AdGuru’s simple, step by step creation wizard that makes it easy to precisely target your campaign.

Use the following steps as a guide:

  1. Complete a business profile

First, be sure to complete an AdGuru business profile. This helps AdGuru support specialists better understand your business better so they can get you up and running with the service.

  1. Build your campaign targeting goals

Log into the AdGuru dashboard and select Campaigns > New Campaign from the top navigation menu.

New Campaign menu

Click the Get Started button to continue.

Complete the information required for targeting. Enter your Company Name and Website URL (if not previously completed) and select the relevant option under What are you using this campaign to do?

Campaign wizard

Enter your Products & Services and a location (Countries, States/Provinces or Cities) for your Campaign Target.

Products & Services

Click the Continue to Keywords button to continue.

  1. Select your target keywords

Next, you can pick search keywords you wish to target. AdGuru uses the information entered in the Products & Services boxes to recommend popular keywords. Rate the recommendations with the thumbs up or down buttons.  If you struggle to find keywords that work, please contact the AdGuru team for support.

Once you’ve added five keywords to your campaign, click Continue to Ads.


  1. Create a sample advert

You’ll be invited to create a sample advert, with a headline, sub-heading, and two description lines. You can use your own text, or pick one of our recommended options. You’ll see a preview of your ad as its content is built.

Sample advert

Once you’re ready to proceed, click the Continue to Preview button.


When you are happy, go ahead and purchase the campaign. Once it has been purchased, AdGuru’s support specialists will review your selections to ensure optimal performance.

Reviewing Your Campaigns

Once your campaign is running, take advantage of AdGuru’s comprehensive, yet easy to understand performance reports.

Insights generated by AdGuru can help you answer common questions, such as:

  • Which of my keywords are being searched the most in Google?
  • Which keywords bring more/less engaged visitors?
  • How long are visitors staying on my website?
  • How many pages do visitors view while on my site?
  • What page do people stay on the longest?

Log into the AdGuru dashboard and select Analytics from the navigation menu. At the top of the page, you’ll see the latest insights regarding visitor behavior and campaign performance. Click Learn More to review the information and associated recommendations to further optimize your campaign.

Learn More

Below, you’ll see a summary of key site analytics, including Visitors, Visits, Page Views and more. You can change the date range reported by clicking the drop-down menu at the top right of the Analytics section.


As you continue to scroll down the page, the insights presented become more detailed. Visitor statistics include the number, average visit duration, a breakdown of visitor types including Repeat Visitors, Prospects, Fans and Researchers (Intelligently classed based on behavior on the site) and an Engagement rating.

The Engagement column medals to depict visitors’ level of engagement when they enter your site. A gold medal is the highest level of engagement, meaning a visitor who searched that keyword in Google was more engaged in your site than others. A bronze medal shows a user that was less engaged in your site than others.


To find out more about the insights generated, simply hover over an entry and definitions will be displayed on screen.

Learn more about reviewing your campaigns in this HostPapa Knowledge Base document.


Editing and Optimising Campaigns

If you wish to make changes to your campaign, you can do so from the AdGuru portal. Select Campaigns > Manage from the top navigation menu to get started.

Manage Campaigns

You’ll be presented with a list of Active and Unfinished Campaigns. In the Actions column, click the pencil icon to edit a campaign.

Campaign list

Your campaign details will be displayed on screen. Options include:

  • Changing Your Landing Page
  • Changing Your Target Audience
  • Adding or Pausing Keywords
  • Modify your ad text

Campaign details

Cancelling Campaigns

If you wish to stop an AdGuru campaign that is currently in progress, you can choose to pause the campaign temporarily or cancel it altogether. Pausing the campaign is a good idea if you wish to make changes to the site to optimize performance, allowing you to pick up the campaign when the improvements have been implemented.

To pause a campaign, open a support ticket and the AdGuru team will be able to help.

If you’re unhappy with campaign performance, before you decide to cancel completely, be sure to ask our AdGuru paid search specialists to review the campaign and/or your website. They’ll look at your ads, campaign performance and landing pages to seek insight and recommendations for increasing click and/or conversions. Some simple tweaks may pay dividends.

If you subsequently decide to cancel the campaign, head to the AdGuru dashboard and select Campaigns > Manage from the top navigation menu.

Manage campaign

Find the campaign you wish to stop and click the Cancel button (trashcan icon) to proceed.

Campaign list


Additional Tools and Features

Your AdGuru account is equipped with additional tools and services to optimize and improve your sales conversion.

A free website audit provides important insight into visitor behavior. The data provided in the audit allows you to:

  • Measure visitor engagement – how long visitors stayed on your website, how often users visit the site and more.
  • Identify visitor trends such as popular posts and pages.
  • Evaluate campaign keywords and identify priority options. Keywords are color-coded to show visitor engagement.

Keep in touch with website analytics, campaign performance and manage leads on the move with the free AdGuru My Site Analytics Mobile app, available for iOS and Android devices.  Once installed, as soon as a lead comes in from your website, we will send a notification to your device. You will be able to get back to your visitors right away, schedule follow-ups, and send them additional offers.

You can find out more about the mobile app in the AdGuru dashboard, by visiting Leads > Mobile App.

Mobile app

AdGuru Connect is a lead generation tool that allows you to display promotional offers to your website visitors while browsing. You can choose promotions to appear in a dedicated tab or pop-up modal window, displaying a coupon that can be issued in a variety of ways, including email or text message. A small embedded contact form allows visitors to get in touch and you can include relevant information about your business, including opening hours and location.

AdGuru Connect

When a visitor requests a coupon, you’ll be notified via the AdGuru mobile app, giving you the option to contact the prospective customer right away.

Be sure to also take advantage of AdGuru’s Goal Tracking tool. The feature allows you to create and then monitor specific goals pertaining to website use – for example, a customer checking out, or sending a contact form.

Goal Tracking monitors and records when those tasks are completed, the visitor details and how the visitor arrived at your site – whether they came from organic traffic, or an AdGuru campaign. To take advantage of Goal Tracking, ensure you have AdGuru analytics installed and then head to the Account section of the Dashboard to start creating your Goals.

For further questions, or if you need help, please open a support ticket from your HostPapa Dashboard. Follow this link to learn how:


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