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goMobi - Your App for the Mobile Web

What you get with goMobi:

  • Content-friendly mobile websites
  • Stay connected with your customers who are mobile
  • Easy-to-use mobile website builder
  • Showcase a shopping cart for mobile users

Just $2.99/month

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Why goMobi?

Go where your customers are

Your customers and website visitors are mobile. They are smart and well informed. They’re eager for updates and they want them NOW. Today’s mobile phones are platforms to work, plan, surf, talk, and network. Don’t stay still while your customers are multi-tasking on the move! It’s time to join them, by establishing your presence on the mobile web - with goMobi.

What is the mobile web all about?

It’s about connecting with your customers. Mobile browsing continues to grow and users are spending more time on their smartphones and tablets than their desktops or laptops. As a result, your message needs to be concise, easy to read, and accessible.

New ways to present
your message

Simple icon-based navigation helps users find important information quickly and easily.

Innovative ways to
reach out

Users can point their phones to a QR code, connect with an app, or simply type in the URL. Instant, easy access!

Effective ways
to connect

Encourage conversations and brand mentions with instant
access to your Facebook page and automatically updated
Twitter feed.

Establish a
mobile hub

Integrate to multiple directory and listing placements, add map widgets, and set up 1-click calling.

Mobile accessibility is crucial
to your online presence


Mobile websites made easy

Create great mobile websites quickly and easily! Mobile-friendly features give your customers the information they’re looking for – and convert leads into sales. goMobi works on all Internet-enabled mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. Your goMobi site will even look good on a desktop computer!

Make it yours

Choose custom colours, upload your logo, select the most relevant icons and features, and make your goMobi site exactly the way you want it. You can update or change your mobile site any time you please.

Mobile-ready features

Share your business hours, location, directions, coupons, access to reservations, and more. The 1-touch "call us" and "find us" options bring visitors to you quickly. You can even showcase your products on a mobile store!

Socially connected

Integrate seamlessly with your Facebook and Twitter feeds. Add videos or publish high-quality image galleries on your goMobi website. What’s more, goMobi will automatically convert and configure your media content for any device!

Quick and easy setup

No programming or technical knowledge required. The goMobi setup assistant will lead you through the process in minutes. Simply select the features and design options you want. Build your very own mobile site with just a few clicks!

Easy to navigate

Trying to view a traditional website on a mobile device can be a complete nightmare – but a goMobi site is a dream come true! The icon-based interface has an intuitive layout and key content is easy to find, even for customers on the run.

Automatic device detection

Do you have an established domain name that your customers rely on? You can point that domain name to your mobile site – visitors using a mobile device will be automatically redirected to the goMobi version of your website.

Going mobile makes sense!

goMobi gives you the best of both worlds by combining the accessibility of a website with the features of an app, all in one powerful service!

Mobile Site

Many mobile sites are just scaled down versions of the regular websites. For a user on the go, that’s not enough.

Websites don’t usually have interactive features (like 1-touch “call us” or “find us” options) you want to offer mobile users.

goMobi from HostPapa

goMobi is packed with easy-to-use features. Pick and choose to quickly create the site you want. No coding!

Your goMobi site has the features mobile users want, and is accessible from smartphones’ standard browsers. No downloading!

Custom App

Selected functionalities are coded and assembled into a downloadable application (or “app”).

Apps can be coded to accomplish anything – but then users have to download the app. Will they bother?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Boost business with a high-performing mobile website

A HostPapa goMobi site is designed for the mobile user, meaning your website will look great and perform exceptionally well on smartphones, tablets, and other
Internet-enabled mobile devices. Easy to set up, a goMobi website is crucial to anyone seeking a professional mobile presence.

Please see below for answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about HostPapa goMobi and mobile websites.

While your existing website is aimed at giving a full and comprehensive picture of your business, a goMobi mobile site allows you to deliver immediate access to what matters most when on the go. The two sites are complementary and work together to make sure your customers are getting the most appropriate experience for their context and their device. If you do not yet have a desktop site and are maybe daunted by the prospect of having to build one, goMobi offers a real easy way to get up and running with a website that will work on both PCs and mobile phones.

When you sign up for goMobi, you get access to the goMobi Setup Assistant. With it, your site can be built in minutes and edited whenever you wish. Another great feature of your goMobi site is that some of your desktop website's content may already be populated on your goMobi site - such as your telephone number, address, logo, etc.

Your goMobi site can be set up in minutes. Even before your first use of the Setup Assistant, goMobi is at work to make the process fast and easy.

No, goMobi does not require a .mobi domain name. goMobi can be activated on ANY 2nd level or 3rd level domain.

Yes. HostPapa can easily help you point your domain to your goMobi site.

Yes. Just let HostPapa know which domains you want to point to your goMobi site and we'll take care of the rest. Make sure that you update the DNS settings of the domains you want to use (if they do not reside with HostPapa).

You will need to make changes to the domain's DNS settings and set up a CNAME record which must point to lb.goMobi.info. Please contact HostPapa for further instructions.

Your goMobi website's package includes, among other things:

  • Hosting of the goMobi site.
  • Mobile ready features.
  • Unlimited access to the Setup Assistant to modify your site.

The goMobi Setup Assistant tool is available in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Chinese (Simplified).

  • Sites can be created in any language.
  • Site visitors can translate the mobile site into 30+ languages.

The Setup Assistant has a custom analytics tool that can track traffic. You also have the option to add Google Analytics to your mobile site.

With a variety of interface templates, goMobi delivers a great experience not only on smartphones but on any mobile device which helps increase conversions.

The goMobi site is built using good practice recommendations, which include the creation of a sitemap, well-defined page titles and descriptions, optimal site structure for navigation, good URL structure, a properly configured robots.txt, and site submission to directories.

In addition, you can provide keywords for your business, which help search engines rank your site's relevance to an end user's search request. Links to social network sites will also assist in this process.

Recent studies show that the mobile web is the place to be: 43% of consumers use their browser to access the Internet on their phone, and 68% of consumers indicated that if they knew a website had a 'made-for-mobile' version, they would make a point to visit it over the standard website.

Of mobile users that had a bad experience on a website (e.g. difficult navigation, display not suitable for their mobile device, etc.), 61% said they would not revisit the site. goMobi ensures that you aren't missing out on the growing mobile audience by offering a quick and easy tool to build your presence on the mobile web.


See what satisfied goMobi users are saying:

A pleasant surprise

Knowing the long hours I poured into my website, it was a very pleasant surprise when my mobile site was up and running in less than 60 minutes. HostPapa has hit a home run with this one.

- Bill Reid
Bill Reid Consulting (m.billreidconsulting.ca)

Up and running in minutes

I have tried many so called “easy” sites and found them anything but. However, I am pleased to say that the goMobi experience was very good. I understood it all the way through and after just a few minutes we had our mobile site up and running.

- Terry Fahie
Terlin Properties Limited (m.terlinproperties.com)

Extremely easy to use

It was quick and easy. The site was up and running in less than 50 minutes. Thank you.

Just $2.99/month

30-Day FREE Trial*

*New customers only