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22 Nov

The Importance of SSL Certificates to Search Engines

SSL certificates have become more common as internet security is a constant concern, especially giant internet companies like Google. Every day, Google blacklists over 10,000 websites, removing them from search results and removing the majority of visitors that go to those websites. This can hurt not only your sales but also bruise your reputation. Nobody, except for Google, really knows what goes into their search rankings or what causes a website to be blacklisted. However, according to a recent Sucuri study, some factors used in search ranking include domain name age,...

25 Oct

WordPress: 8 Things to Do After Clicking the Publish Button

So you just published a new blog post on your WordPress site. You’ve written all you can about a specific topic, inserted your keywords, designed your featured image, and adjusted every detail to make it look perfect. Writing a blog post isn’t easy, especially if you do it independently.  It's not just finding the right words for a subject but knowing every other step you need to take to make that article accessible to a broader audience, bringing more readers to your WordPress blog and making it successful. You need to do...

13 Oct

HostingAdvice Interview With HostPapa Founder and CEO

HostingAdvice is one of the leaders in reliable web hosting reviews and has over 50 years of hosting experience. On their website you can find guides, advice, and reviews on web hosts all around the world. Recently, HostingAdvice sat down with the HostPapa founder and CEO, Jamie Opalchuk, to discuss HostPapa’s business model and success in the ever expanding web hosting world. You can check out the full interview on the HostingAdvice website. In the article Mr. Opalchuk talks to HostingAdvice about how HostPapa began as a web hosting solution for small...

27 Sep

10 WordPress Features You Need to Know About

If you have your own website, there’s a good chance that it’s run on WordPress. In fact, 28% of all websites around today are. So many people using the same CMS means a lot are going to look for help. The WordPress Dashboard is packed full of features for your content and website to use, but not all of them are obvious for a beginner or everyday user. Below are 10 features that you may not know existed, but can help using WordPress a whole lot easier:   1. Help tab In your dashboard,...

9 Aug

How to Create Strong Passwords to Secure Your Website

Everything we do on the internet today requires some kind of password, which makes sense considering the number of cyber attacks that happen daily. Millions and millions of websites are attacked every day, and millions of credentials are compromised as a result of data breaches on a worldwide level. That means the passwords we use to log in to various websites must be strong. Adding a few letters helps strengthen your passwords most of the time. Still, with today's refined attacks, having at least some special characters in your password and...

14 Jun

5 Tips to Get More From Your Call to Action

*Buy now!* *Sign up today!* *Join our mailing list!* Blah blah blah...