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How To Get Your Website Indexed By Google
6 Aug

How to Get Your Website Indexed by Google

Did you know that your website will not show up on Google if it’s not indexed? That’s how important indexing is! It’s the key to getting traffic to your website and unlocking organic growth. It’s also the start of your website’s SEO journey and the beginning of an important relationship you’ll have with Google. Indexing happens when a search engine recognizes pages of your website by crawling them using an automated discovery program called a spider. It catalogs your website’s pages on Google, giving them an identity through the URLs that show...

What Are Web Push Notifications and How to Use Them
2 Aug

What Are Web Push Notifications and How to Use Them

Small business owners are finding it harder and harder to get people's attention these days. Formerly reliable communication channels like email, SMS messages, and display ads aren't performing like they used to. Such is the ever-changing landscape of online marketing. Advancements in technology and new consumer behaviors keep business owners on their toes, always looking for the marketing channels with the highest visibility. Right now, people's eyes are on notifications. Whether they appear on their phone or their desktop, web push notifications get a lot of attention. They're clickable messages that a website can...

Domain Hijacking and How to Protect Yourself
30 Jul

Domain Hijacking and How to Protect Yourself

A website’s domain name is the web address that people type into their browsers to visit the site. For example, Amazon’s domain name is www.amazon.com. A domain name is usually some form of the business name and a huge part of a business’ identity. People type it in when they access your website, and they see it at the top of their browser on every visit. That’s why your domain name is one of the most valuable assets you own—if it didn’t exist, people wouldn’t be able to access your website. Being such a...

Learn how t do Keyword Research to optimize your SEO strategy
29 Jul

How to Do Keyword Research for Your SEO Strategy

Researching keywords is an extremely important part of SEO, because the keywords you choose will be your target. Keywords give direction to your SEO strategy.  To understand what this means, first, you have to understand what keywords are and how search engines utilize them. When you use a search engine like Google, you enter a word or group of words to search. Those are keywords. You can ask a question, type in the name of something or someone you want to know more about, or anything else. The search engine takes your keywords...

Infographic header about the seven common myths about having a website
24 Jul

Infographic: 7 Myths About Having a Website

When you are just about to become a first-time website owner, you might hear all kinds of stories that are not necessarily true. With so many of the tools readily available for everyone today, the cost of having a website and the skill set required are significantly lower than before. In this infographic, we have outlined the seven most common misconceptions about having a website. If any of them are stopping you from branching out online, rest assured it's not going to be the way you imagine. Click here to check out the...

Free Giveaways To Generate Leads
23 Jul

How to Generate Leads with Giveaways

According to Robert Cialdini, author of Influence: The Psychology Of Persuasion, people feel obliged to return a favor or a gift they receive from someone. He calls this the principle of reciprocity. That’s why you see Chinese restaurants offering free fortune cookies, bakeries giving out free samples, and dentists providing complimentary toothpaste. The idea of reciprocity applies to the world of internet marketing too. Giveaways play a key role in convincing people to provide their contact details, and that’s the first step in generating leads. A giveaway is something offered to website visitors...