SiteLock FAQ

Protect your website with daily vulnerability scanning

Simple and affordable, SiteLock brings the best in website security to you – no matter if you’re running a small personal site or an
e-commerce operation. Before you decide to adopt the SiteLock Security Seal, we want you to be confident in this service and all the benefits it offers you, your business, and your customers.

Below, you’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about SiteLock and website security.


Introducing SiteLock

What is the SiteLock Security Seal?

The SiteLock Security Seal is a widely-recognized emblem you can display on your website. It is a clear indication that you’ve taken the necessary steps to protect your site and your site visitors. You may only display the SiteLock seal if you have been given the “all clear” after the SiteLock Scan.

The SiteLock Security Seal has proven to be a benefit to business, increasing customer trust, website traffic, and sales.

Please note: If a SiteLock scan discovers a vulnerability or security issue with your site, you will be given a specific amount of time to fix the problem. If the appropriate action is not taken, the SiteLock seal will not be visible on your website. It will be restored as soon as your site is deemed safe again.

What does SiteLock do?

SiteLock is a comprehensive website security tool that will protect your website, network, and business. It's one of the most comprehensive online security services available today.

Once installed, SiteLock will scan your site regularly to look for vulnerabilities or threats. From malware removal to database security, ongoing security assurance to reputation monitoring, SiteLock is a valuable protector of your website and, with it, your site's reputation.

Today’s consumers are concerned about website security. By displaying the SiteLock Security Seal on your website, you’ll show them that you are too. This widely recognized seal has been shown to increase consumer confidence, improve traffic, and sales potential.

Why should I buy the SiteLock Security Seal from HostPapa?

Buying the SiteLock Security Seal from HostPapa has a couple of key advantages: We make it simple and affordable to protect your website with this high-level security service. It’s easy to add the service to your HostPapa account, whether you’re a new or existing customer.

As well, HostPapa’s excellent partnership with SiteLock means it is actually considerably cheaper to purchase the SiteLock seal from HostPapa than to buy from SiteLock directly. It all adds up to a great decision for you, your business, and your site visitors/customers!

How does SiteLock work?

SiteLock performs daily scans of your website, identifying any vulnerabilities and protecting against threats like viruses, malware and cross-site scripting. It will identify if your site has been “blacklisted” or blocked by servers.

SiteLock will verify your credentials and contact information, demonstrating to your website visitors that you are a trustworthy and reputable business. SiteLock will also ensure email from you is not marked spam, so it will land in your customers' inboxes – not their spam or junk folders.

It all starts with SiteLock’s Deep 360 Scan – a deep look at your website that will find any hidden malicious code or vulnerabilities. Once you and your site have been given the “all clear,” you may post the SiteLock Trust Seal on your site, letting all visitors know you are meeting rigorous safety and privacy standards.  

Read more details about the SiteLock Deep 360 scan.

Why do I need SiteLock?

There are hundreds of thousands of cyber threats to your website and network stability. New ones are being discovered every day. If your site is infected by any one of these, your business may suffer – not only due to website downtime, but also by a loss of consumer confidence.

SiteLock will help you discover and deal with vulnerabilities and cyber dangers effectively and efficiently. It will secure your network, protect your databases, extract malware, and preserve your reputation.

What are the benefits of SiteLock?

You will receive a long list of benefits by being a SiteLock subscriber, both in the short and long-term. To simplify, SiteLock:

  • Protects your site: SiteLock will scan your website regularly for vulnerabilities and malware, protecting against threats and ensuring you are not being blocked. Premium and Enterprise-level plans include a full scan of your site, every day.
  • Builds business: Displaying the SiteLock seal on your website shows you are a trustworthy business; this increases confidence, traffic, sales, and conversions.
  • Speeds recovery: If your site is infiltrated or damaged, SiteLock will identify the problem and help you find a fast solution. You'll be back up and running with barely a blip.

What exactly is the SiteLock Deep 360 Scan?

Most website security systems don’t look deep enough to find all potential issues with a site – they may miss .css (cascading style sheets) files, .js (javascript) files, .jpg, .png and other image files, and more. Today’s hackers often hide malicious code within these file types.

The SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will delve into all files susceptible to threats – including those listed above – searching deep for anything that could turn into a security issue. The patent-pending Deep 360 Scan sets SiteLock apart from other website security services.

The SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will scan for a wide range of potential threats. Read more about them below.

If SiteLock detects an issue with my site, how will I be notified?

You will be notified immediately by email. An alert will also be posted in the SiteLock dashboard, which you can access by logging in here or directly through your HostPapa cPanel.

What do I do if SiteLock finds a problem?

There are resources available to help you address the issue. If you receive a notification, it is important that you log into your SiteLock dashboard as soon as possible. There, you will find additional details on the particular issue your site is encountering.

You may also search HostPapa's knowledgebase for tips and additional information.

Rest assured: At no time will your site visitors be alerted that there has ever been a problem.

Will SiteLock change the way my web hosting works?

No. SiteLock provides the ultimate protection for your website – but it is completely unobtrusive. It will not affect your website or server performance.

SiteLock Plans and Installation

What is included in a SiteLock plan?

All SiteLock plans offer unparalleled online protection for your website and business. HostPapa offers three SiteLock packages – there's sure to be one to suit your needs. All SiteLock plans include site protection, as well as the SiteLock Security Seal. The plan you choose will depend on the size of your site, as well as the type of information – if any – you collect.

Compare all plans

Which SiteLock plan is best for me?

The best SiteLock plan will depend on the type of website you manage, as well as your business requirements. Below are some guidelines; please contact HostPapa sales if you have any questions:

This plan is ideal if you maintain a fairly simple (25 pages or less), content-only website. If you don't collect personal information, store data, or sell products or services, this package is an affordable way to keep hackers out and your site safe.

The Basic SiteLock package offers a Deep 360 Scan; then basic daily maintenance scanning.

Consider a premium SiteLock package if you run a dynamic site (up to 500 pages): perhaps you collect non-public information, encourage interaction or comments (such as social networking or blogging), or run a special interest or gaming site. SiteLock Premium protects the information shared with you, and offers database security and detection tools. Ideal for business websites that do not collect credit card or payment information.

Premium SiteLock security includes a Deep 360 Scan and more in-depth network and reputation scanning.

Do you sell products or services from your site? Then you need this level of protection. SiteLock Enterprise is ideal for sites (up to 2500 pages) that use SSL, shopping carts, or SQL/databases, or any site that collects and retains customer information. This is a full set of security tools to protect you, your business, and your customers.

The Enterprise SiteLock package offers Deep 360 Scanning, and intensive network, reputation and business validation scanning every day.

Can I upgrade to a different SiteLock program later?

Yes. You may upgrade from Basic to Premium or Enterprise, or from Premium to Enterprise at any time.

How do I install SiteLock Security Seal? Is it difficult?

To add the SiteLock seal on your site, a piece of Java Script code must be installed in the footer of your site template.

You will find step-by-step installation instructions in the HostPapa Knowledgebase.

Threats and Recovery

What does SiteLock scan for?

The SiteLock Deep 360 Scan is extremely comprehensive. It will watch for a vast and constantly updated list of website security issues, including:

What is reputation monitoring? What can I do about it?

Your online reputation is key to your business success. There are three key components of SiteLock’s reputation monitoring scans:

  1. Monitor malware blacklists: SiteLock carefully monitors proprietary lists of sites reported as malware to ensure your site does not appear on them, and that visitors arrive at your site – not a warning screen.
  2. Monitor email spam blacklists: In much the same way, SiteLock keeps a watch on lists of email addresses and domain names reported as spam. This keeps the emails you send out of spam folders.
  3. Scan SSL: Be sure your SSL certificate (if you have one) is up to date. Be sure your clients do not encounter warnings as they try to buy from you.

SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will keep an eye on all of these three items for you, ensuring smooth and consistent communication with all your site visitors and clients.

What are network security vulnerabilities? How do I deal with them?

All network servers have ports – kind of like channels on a television – that can be open or closed. Some ports, like the one you need to access the Internet, need to be open. Others, such as those for email or your secure databases, should be closed. If ports that should be closed to outsiders are actually open, your data and servers are vulnerable. A hacker can take advantage of this weakness to steal data, infect your website, or worse.

As part of the Deep 360 Scan, SiteLock will check every single port on your servers, to be sure the ones that are supposed to be closed actually are. If anything looks out of the ordinary, you will be alerted, so you can take action before a hacker does.

What is cross-site scripting? What can I do about it?

Hackers use cross-site scripting, also known as XSS, to gain control of the content of your web pages. They do this by entering a piece of malicious code into your site, usually through an existing input field, such as a search box, or name/address box. If your website is not set up to fight off this sort of invasion, the hacker will be able to take control of your site, even gathering personal information from your trusting clients.

The SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will test each and every one of the input fields on your site by inserting code into them, just as hackers would (but SiteLock’s code is harmless!).

To avoid an XSS attack, make sure all your applications and scripts are up to date; where possible, reduce your risk of third-party plugins. If the SiteLock scan finds a vulnerability, you’ll need to quickly verify and harden your code for security.

What is an SQL injection? What do I do if I have an SQL injection attack?

Hackers use an SQL injection attack to attempt to access your databases. They may be after customer data, user IDs, passwords, credit card numbers, or other sensitive information.

SQL (Structured Query Language) is specifically understood by databases. Hackers insert commands from this programming language into input fields on your site and, if your site is vulnerable, these commands will open the database wide, so the hacker can steal the information stored inside. This can be devastating to an online business.

It is key you use the latest versions of all applications, and that you limit the use of third-party plug-ins where possible. Your SiteLock Deep 360 Scan will verify the safety of each input data box – if a vulnerability is detected, you will be notified.

What is application scanning? What can I do about it if a problem is found?

As applications age, hackers tend to find ways to attack them – and access your website files. It is important you update your applications regularly to ensure the latest safety measures are in place.

A SiteLock Deep 360 scan will verify the version of applications you are running against catalogues of known vulnerabilities to ensure the software you are running is safe. If a problem is located, you will be notified. You may then update your software accordingly.

What is virus scanning? What can I do if an issue is found?

A virus on your site is serious business. If hackers have compromised your site, they may be using it to distribute virus-infected software to your visitors. You may never know that you are actually infecting the computers of your site visitors and customers. This can destroy customer relations quickly!

Virus scanning is a key part of SiteLock’s Deep 360 Scan. It will review all files and applications on your site against constantly updated industry databases of virus software. If a virus is found on your site, you will be notified quickly; log in to your SiteLock dashboard for specific details and advice.