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Attracta AdDollars is here... and it's FREE!

Have you ever wondered how you can make money from the website or blog you put so much time and passion into? Are you reluctant to compromise the look and feel of your web pages by selling ad space?

HostPapa is happy to introduce Attracta AdDollars – an easy-to-use, unobtrusive way to generate revenue from your existing web content.

AdDollars in-text advertising is an effective, discreet way for any website or blog, large or small, to make money. Using Attracta’s innovative technology, AdDollars automatically places relevant high-paying text ads directly into the content of your website or blog.

What will AdDollars do for you?

Attracta AdDollars gives web publishers like you:

  • An incremental revenue stream which maximizes existing web content
  • Instant, unobtrusive, high-paying text ads on any website
  • An easy way to boost revenue: no changes to your site, nothing to install
  • Complete compatibility with AdSense and other ad systems

Once you have signed up for AdDollars, you don’t have to do a thing. AdDollars works in real time, meaning it will react to any content changes you make. There is no additional work for you.

Your payment balance will grow each time a reader clicks on one of Attracta’s AdDollars ads. Attracta will track your earnings and automatically deposit payments into your account monthly.

Here's how it works

Sign Up
Sign up through your HostPapa cPanel
(just 1 click!)
Within 48 hours, you’ll notice double-underlined keywords throughout your website or blog
In-Text Advertising
When a reader hovers over one of these links, a related advertisement will appear
Earn Money
Every time that reader clicks on one of the ads, you get paid!

AdDollars + Your Website = $$$$$$

Hear about satisfied AdDollars users

High returns, little efforts
AdDollars is a great money making tool. High returns, little effort.

Amir Talal,

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High returns, little efforts
AdDollars is a great money...
Super easy to use
Much less invasive than I thought...
Solid results
If it's not money for nothing...

No code changes. No hardware or software to install. Quick & easy setup.

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