Why Choose HostPapa for Your Google Apps for Business™ Provider?

HostPapa is committed to offering the best web-based solutions, backed by superior customer support, to small and medium businesses.

HostPapa will help you reduce costs by saving time, money, and resources.

We know that every dollar counts. That’s why all HostPapa products and services are designed to help you automate tasks, simplify and centralize processes, and boost productivity and efficiency. We'll help you reduce – even eliminate - your reliance on expensive IT teams with ground-breaking products that work.

Adopting Google Apps for Business does not have to disrupt your workflow. We know you’re going to love the benefits ­- but the transition has to be done right to ensure a smooth switch. We'll take care of all the details and answer all your questions as we go.

What you get from:
Google Apps Licenses $50/yr
per user
$50/yr per user
Google Apps Premier Edition
Google Apps Setup & Deployment Assistance  
Legacy Migration Consulting  
Google Technical Support Escalation  
Cloud Consulting for Your Business  
Extending Google Docs Options  
Monthly Educational Newsletter  
Optional Services    
Complete Outsourced Google Apps Administration  
Extended User Training
(Videos, Webinars, etc.)
Train-the-Trainer and Administrator Training  
Google Apps Customizations & Extensions  
Data Migration including Mail, Contacts, Calendars, Documents, etc.  

Step by step, here’s how we help you make the transition to Google Apps for Business:

Save Money

Project Planning and Management

We don’t start without your approval! At an initial consultation meeting, we’ll discuss your particular needs, address any concerns, and develop a transition plan that will work. See all setup and deployment options and features.

Configuration and Synchronization

You will not miss a message as we set up new user accounts, re-route email and sync calendars. Directories will be synchronized and your particular requests – you may want mail or calendar coexistence with another platform, for example – will all be met as we design and configure your setup.

Data Migration

This may be the most important step. And we’ll tell you right now: your legacy data is safe. HostPapa will take care of securely migrating your data (including emails, calendars, and contacts) from Microsoft® Exchange, Lotus Notes, GroupWise, and other platforms to Google Apps for Business. HostPapa’s setup and deployment team have a deep knowledge of all of these systems, and will explain all the tools and options for the migration process. Find out more about HostPapa’s data migration services.


Effective training is key to a successful transition to any new program. HostPapa’s extensive educational materials will help you and your employees get used to Google Apps for Business quickly, with minimum frustration. See training and support options now.

Save Money

24/7/365 Support

Let HostPapa take care of you - every day. Studies show that early adopters love the benefits of cloud services - but still want to know there’s a real person to call on when needed.

Even when you’ve made the transition and all your systems are set up, you’ll still have questions. You might want to activate new applications or change settings. Check out our 100% Worry-Free Full Admin Support and leave all the administrative work to us. An exclusive support site, 24/7 live, multi-language telephone support, and much, much more will be all available to you! See all support and training options now.

Change Management

How are the members of your organization reacting to their new cloud services? Are there internal concerns or questions? Do certain settings need to be adjusted? Is there a need for targeted training? With careful change management, you can keep productivity (and spirits) high. Learn more about HostPapa's ongoing support.

It all just goes to show that when you sign up with HostPapa for Google Apps, you receive much more than the basic package.