Data Migration

We'll securely transfer your email, contacts, and other files

We know you don't want to start from scratch – and you certainly don't have to. HostPapa will take care of it! We'll securely transfer all of your legacy data to Google Apps for Business™. Even your email archives, contacts, and calendars will be safe.

HostPapa's team of setup and deployment experts will take care of the technical transition from Microsoft® or Lotus to Google. Their experience and expertise guarantee successful migrations from:

$50.00per user
One-Time Fee
  • POP email
  • Groupwise
  • Any IMAP messaging system
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus Notes
  • Offsite systems (webmail or hosted email transfers)
  • CSV file uploads for contacts and calendar history

HostPapa will also help you migrate specific content such as Exchange objects, Lotus workflows, web applications, and more. If you have other data or systems you would like to migrate from, please contact HostPapa for details and planning.

We're here to help you make a smooth transition! Migrate your data for only $50.00 one-time fee/per user today in addition to HostPapa's one-time setup & deployment service.