How Google Apps for Business™ Works

Watch how Google Apps can simplify the way you do business!

This short video overview describes some of the key applications you can use to work better, smarter, and faster by using the leading cloud-based office suite.

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Designed for teams and built for the web: Google Apps is a powerful new way of doing business.

Forget your current business tools and software licenses: all your employees really need is access to a web browser. From there, they can create documents, share files, collaborate, store folders, and communicate efficiently.

Because all data and tools are stored in the cloud, Google Apps is a dream of mobility and agility. You and your employees can be productive anywhere – not just behind a desk. With a 99.9% uptime guarantee, continuous updating, and the backing of the world's leading security team, Google gives your business the reliability necessary to function today.

By eliminating software woes and incompatibility issues, business operations are streamlined. There's less room for error and virtually no compatibility issues. Everyone benefits from the huge cost savings and increase in productivity.

Move up to the cloud with Google Apps for Business. Enjoy power and simplicity in communication, storage, file sharing, and collaboration.

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