Gmail is a web-based email system with 25 GB of storage, advanced spam filtering, advanced search capabilities and integrated text, voice, and video chat.

Because Gmail is securely powered by the web, and not reliant on internal email servers or desktop software, users can be productive anywhere – not just at their desks.

Email storage that never ends
25 GB of storage per account means users can keep all their mail right at their fingertips. No quotas, no deletion schedules, just an efficient, extensive storage and management system for all incoming and outgoing mail.

The end of spam
Gmail's up-to-the-minute filters keep spam out of inboxes so employees stay focused and productive. Viruses, infected attachments, and phishing scams are a thing of the past.

Google search
Looking for a specific email has never been easier than with Gmail's built-in, secure, powerful search.

Integrated messaging
No need for separate messaging applications or software! Users can connect directly with colleagues right from the inbox.

Voice and video chat
Contact co-workers around the world for face-to-face conversations. Again: no software, no new applications, no need to leave your inbox.

Mobile integration
Blackberries, iPhones, and other smartphones can all be synched to run seamlessly with Gmail's email and chat.

Additional protection and archiving
With Postini, administrators can search and recover email for up to 90 days (or more). Custom filters can be set to comply with internal or external policies and regulations. You're in control!