Google Calendarâ„¢

Easy-to-use personal, shared, and public calendars make event planning and time management a breeze.

You can access Google Calendar from any web browser. Use your Blackberry or iPhone to create events, or send meeting details and invitations. You can even set the calendar to send you meeting reminders by email or SMS – never miss an appointment again!

Share calendars
Personal or project calendars can be shared with co-workers, the entire company, or the public. Users set the permission levels for each person, determining who may view the calendar and who may make changes.

Scheduling simplicity
Multiple calendars can be overlaid to see when individuals are available. Once meeting details are entered, Google Calendar will send invitations and track RSVPs.

Embed calendars
Google calendars can be embedded in any website (including internal Google sites) simply, no programming required.

Publish and publicize
Calendars can be published publicly so the whole world can see. This feature is a great way to publicize events.

Mobile access
Access Google Calendar any time from any mobile device. Send invitations, check RSVPs, or add new events on the go.