Google Apps for Business™ keeps you connected

Google Apps offers a streamlined communication system so your employees can keep in touch with you, each other, and outside clients or prospects by email, instant messaging, voice or video chat.


A powerful email program with huge storage, excellent archiving and organization features, and the beloved search capability Google is famous for.


Instant messaging is available right from the Gmail inbox! Colleagues can see who is online and available for quick and effective communication – because sometimes email takes a little too long.

Google Talk™

Goes beyond text, offering voice and video conversation capabilities from the same inbox. Have face-to-face meetings, no matter where you are.


All of these features are included within Google Apps, and are part of your secure corporate communication platform. No additional software, third-party downloads, or applications are required. The best part? It's all available from any Internet-connected device: desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.