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Making the Switch

Why should I buy Google Apps for Business from HostPapa?

As a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, HostPapa offers you everything you would get from Google™, plus a whole lot more – for the same price. HostPapa offers setup assistance, exclusive training and support, consultations, and more. Whether you’d like a little help with the transition to Google Apps for Business or a 100% admin management solution, HostPapa is here for you!

HostPapa has an established reputation for exemplary service and support. Since 2006, HostPapa has provided a web hosting solution for small to medium-sized businesses that is budget-friendly, reliable, and easy to use. Our commitment to these values, and our customers, will continue with our cloud service offerings.

By purchasing your cloud office solution through HostPapa, you receive the advantages, security, and reliability of Google – all backed by HostPapa’s exclusive training and around-the-clock support.

What else can you expect from HostPapa?

  • Cost effectiveness: our plans are the same price as Google, but you get much more!
  • Migration services: we’ll move all your data from your legacy system to Google securely and efficiently.
  • Training: a custom support site and exclusive, multi-language training courses give employees the knowledge and skills they need to succeed with Google Apps.
  • Comprehensive support packages: 24/7/365 multi-language support through phone, chat, and ticket system.

Why should I switch my organization to HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps for Business?

HostPapa and Google Apps make a powerful team. On the one hand, you get the world’s leading cloud-based office suite – already used successfully by millions of businesses around the world – and on the other, you have HostPapa’s award-winning support, setup, training, and cloud expertise to draw on whenever you need it.

More and more businesses are moving to Google Apps for Business every day. They all have their own reasons, but here are some of the most common:

  • Lower costs: no in-house servers or software to maintain and upgrade.
  • Mobility: access your files from anywhere with an Internet connection.
  • Compatibility: PCs, Macs, laptops, smartphones, tablets all work together.
  • Seamless teamwork: People in different locations can work on the same document, at the same time.
  • Security and reliability: 99.9% uptime – you may never lose a file again!

Read more about why Google Apps for Business is right for you.

Google is defining the way businesses use the cloud, offering simplicity, compatibility, security, and a continuously updated library of applications to make doing business better.

HostPapa’s setup and support services ensure you are properly set up, that you enjoy a smooth transition, and that you and your employees have all the training and resources you need to fully take advantage of the benefits of Google Apps.

To find out more, please visit our overview page.

How does Google Apps work?

Google Apps accesses and fully draws upon the power of cloud computing. It’s a new way of working that leaves behind the old frustrations of outdated software, expensive licenses, hardware maintenance, incompatibility, lost files, email attachments, and more.

With Google Apps, all your files and data, including emails, calendars, and presentations are stored in the cloud. So are your software tools and applications. All you need to get to work is an Internet-enabled device and a connection.

No matter where you are, you can be connected anytime, through your computer, laptop, or mobile device. You’ll always have access to the most up-to-date files and information – and, thanks to the advances made by Google, you’ll be able to collaborate with colleagues on files online and in real-time! Chat (by text, voice, or video) right from your web browser. Streamlined, simple, and very cost-effective.

Read more about exactly how Google Apps brings you cost savings, mobility, advanced communication, and collaboration.

What ‘apps’ are included in Google Apps for Business?

Google Apps for Business includes a wide range of business-friendly, productivity-boosting applications. Here are some of the key ones:

An easy-to-use email application providing customizable email (you@yourcompany.com) and 25GB of storage for each account. Includes powerful email searches, instant messaging, and advanced spam filters.

Google CalendarGoogle Calendar™:
Quickly organize busy schedules, view colleagues’ calendars, set up meetings, send invitations, and publish shared calendars to the web.

Google DocsGoogle Docs™:
Create documents, spreadsheets, slideshows, or drawings. Users can collaborate on these documents and presentations online in real-time.

Google SitesGoogle Sites™:
Set up internal sites using quick and easy-to-use professional templates – it’s as simple as editing a document! Share information with your entire organization, or specific teams of individuals.

Google SitesGoogle Video™:
Communicate visually with your company! Upload, share, search, and securely store internal videos.

Google SitesGoogle Talk™:
All you need is a browser! Communicate instantly by instant messaging, voice, or video chat from your Gmail inbox.

Google SitesGoogle Groups™:
Set up groups to send invitations, group communications, or emails with just a click.

Google SitesCloud Connect for Microsoft® Office:
Keeps the familiar Microsoft Office interface, but gives you access to multi-person collaborative editing and other Google Apps specialties.

Google SitesGoogle Sync for Microsoft Outlook:
A fantastic tool that lets you run Microsoft Outlook from Google Apps.

Google SitesGoogle Extend:
Access the Google Apps Marketplace for hundreds of compatible applications. From accounting to project management, these are tools you can use.

The opportunities and combinations of Google Apps are virtually endless. Read more about all the features of Google Apps.

Why should I use HostPapa Services for Google Apps instead of an onsite mail solution like Microsoft Exchange?

Three words: simplicity, accessibility, and cost.

Google Apps is easy to use
Google Apps offers an intuitive, easy-to-use interface. Minimal training will be needed for end users, and HostPapa has everything you need to make the transition.

Google Apps is accessible anywhere, anytime
Unlike your onsite mail solution, Google Apps email (Gmail) is available from any web browser. This includes complete access to your contacts, sent mail, archives, settings, chat window, and more. Documents and calendars are also available from any Internet-enabled device. Communication is easy – you are no longer tied down to a single desktop computer or one server.

Google Apps will save you money
With Google Apps, you no longer have to worry about license costs, maintaining mail servers (or server rooms), updates, and so on. There is no hardware to buy or software to upgrade. You can also let someone else – namely the experts at Google – worry about maintaining high security standards (the top in the world) and reliability (99.9% uptime guaranteed).

Read more about the benefits of Google Apps.

How secure is my data and communication with Google Apps for Business?

You can be confident your critical information is safe and secure with Google Apps. The information security team at Google includes some of the world’s top experts in information, network, and application security. Their job is to keep your information safe.

Google is trusted with mission critical data from some of the world’s top corporations. Their reputation is impeccable.

Take a video tour of one of the secure data centers owned by Google to learn more:

When you sign up for Google Apps, you will also have access to a number of customizable security features, including:

  • Custom spam and inbound mail filtering tools.
  • Custom information sharing rules to determine how broadly employees are allowed to share with Google Docs, Google Calendar, and Google Sites.
  • Custom password length requirements and visual strength indicators to help employees pick secure passwords.
  • Enforced SSL connections to ensure secure HTTPS access.
  • Optional email archiving, with up to 10 years of retention.

Google undergoes regular third-party security reviews and SAS 70 audits. Data is stored in both a primary and backup data center, so if there’s a problem with one, all your information will be safe.

And remember: Google doesn’t claim ownership of your data, doesn’t share your data, keeps it as long as you want, and allows you to delete or move the data if you choose. Everything is safe and secure, but easy for you to access from anywhere, any device – at any time!

What about other business needs like customer management, accounting, and payroll? Can Google Apps help?

Absolutely! Google Apps gives you access to a huge number of compatible, proven, enterprise-level applications through the Google Apps Marketplace. These applications can help you with a wide range of business tasks and activities, including marketing, accounting, project management, billing, and more.

Many of these applications will work seamlessly with Google Docs, Calendar, or Gmail, letting you work quickly and efficiently, staying organized every step of the way.

I want to help my company move to Google Apps for Business, but I need to convince my company's IT decision-makers. What can I do?

We’re glad to hear you’ve been considering a move to the cloud! Making a move like this is indeed an important decision and everyone needs to understand the changes that will come along with it.

A great place to start is with this HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps site. We provide overviews of the many applications and benefits of Google Apps. You can read about the support services HostPapa offers – guaranteed to get you up and running smoothly and efficiently.

Check out the testimonials page for real-life stories of businesses and organizations that have switched to cloud-based office suites from Google.

Of course, if you have any further questions or are looking for specific information, please fill out our request for information form and a HostPapa representative will contact you within 24 hours.

How can I see Google Apps for Business in action?

Why don’t you start with this great introductory video? It provides an overview of Google Apps and the many services it includes:

You might also want to check out our testimonials page for real-life stories of companies and organizations that have successfully transitioned to Google. See the testimonials now!

What legacy systems can you migrate from?

We know you don’t want to leave any information behind! Believe us – you don’t have to. HostPapa Expert Support is able to migrate data (including email, calendars, and contacts) from the following legacy systems:

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Lotus
  • Pop email
  • Groupwise
  • Any other IMAP messaging system
  • Many more!

Check out our full list of data migration services.

How does Google Apps for Business compare to MS Office 365?

Google Apps for Business offers you more value for your money than MS Office 365. While both offerings provide the same basic office suite features - email, calendar, word documents, spreadsheets, and presentations - Google has a distinct advantage by offering enhanced collaboration, mobility, and cross-platform editing tools. Not only that, but Google Apps costs less!

Google Apps is truly a cloud services solution. Already adopted by millions of businesses around the globe, it gives users enhanced collaboration tools, continuously upgraded services and programs, and seamless interoperability between PC, Mac, laptops, phones, and more.

HostPapa boosts the value of Google Apps even more! With HostPapa Expert Support by your side, the package is complete: 24/7/365 multi-language support, a searchable knowledgebase, administrative assistance, and a dedicated account representative.

What’s the difference between HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps and a free @gmail.com account?

A free Google Gmail account is great – for personal use. It doesn’t contain the full range of tools you need to run your business, and you’ll see distinctly non-professional advertisements on display.

HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps accounts, however, are designed with businesses in mind, providing users with the applications they need to succeed. Google Apps for Business lets you use your company name in your email address instead of Gmail, giving your company a more professional look from the get-go. You’ll also get enhanced business-oriented features such as increased access controls, conference room and resource sharing, and increased storage quotas.


How does the Google Apps for Business pricing plan work?

HostPapa will bill Google Apps for Business customers on an annual basis.

All fees are calculated annually, and are charged using a "per user" structure. One user account is considered to be one email inbox – not per domain.

To discuss Google Apps for your business, or to request a quote, please contact us.

When do I pay?

HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps for Business involve both a one-time fee, annual license, and optional support fees. Learn more.

Here's a breakdown:

Google Apps license Billed annually
Setup & deployment One-time fee
Data migration One-time fee
Training & full admin support Billed annually

Once your Google Apps for Business order has been confirmed, you will be required to pay a one-time setup fee. You will also be billed for any one-time additional services you choose, such as data migration. See all setup and deployment features and fees here.

As a Google Apps for Business customer, you will also incur annual fees for your Google Apps license, and any ongoing HostPapa support services you selected. You will be billed annually for these. Read more about HostPapa's support services and fees.

Do I need to pay for forwarding mail?

No. You only pay for user accounts within Google Apps for Business. Gmail offers an easy-to-use email routing feature, so you can forward mail from user accounts (outside Google Apps) to your Gmail box.

You can also designate an existing user account as a catch-all address to receive messages that are addressed to non-existent users in your domain. It captures mail for previously deleted users or when the sender has misspelled the user's name (the part to the left of @).

How much is this going to cost me?

You can get Google Apps though HostPapa (a Google Apps Authorized Reseller) for as low as $50 per user per year – that’s $22 less per user than MS 365! For $50, you’ll get the complete suite of applications in the cloud and basic online support. HostPapa makes it easy for you to customize your Google Apps for Business order with support and additional services so you have exactly what you need to ensure business success.

Why not contact a HostPapa expert today? We’ll be happy to provide a quote for your Google Apps for Business suite. We’re also available to answer questions or to help you get started.

How much does Google Drive Cost?

Your basic Google Drive comes with a FREE 5GB/user account. If you ever need more space, there are affordably priced packages designed for your needs.

20 GB $4.00 $40.00
50 GB $7.50 $75.00
200 GB $17.50 $175.00
400 GB $35.00 $350.00
1 TB $89.00 $890.00
2 TB $179.00 $1,790.00
4 TB $358.00 $3,580.00
8 TB $716.00 $7,160.00
16 TB $1,430.00 $14,300.00

How-to Information

I want to sign up for Google Apps for Business with my own domain name. Is this possible?

Absolutely. This is one of the great benefits of Google Apps for Business. If you already have a company domain name, or need to create a new one, Google Apps can meet your needs.

Each user at your domain will get a Google Apps account branded with your own domain name. Email addresses take the format "username@yourdomain.com."

Does Google host websites too?

Your Google Apps suite contains Google Sites, which is designed to make it easy for employees to create and collaborate on internal sites for their projects, teams, and departments. If you wish, you can make a public website with Google Sites, but most businesses prefer to go with a traditional web hosting solution for their public sites.

Learn more about Google Sites on our features page.

HostPapa offers 100% green web hosting, which is an excellent hosting solution if you’re looking for dynamic or advanced web solutions for your public website. HostPapa’s robust hosting plan is completely compatible with Google Apps for Business. Find out more about HostPapa web hosting.

How difficult is it to set up Google Apps for Business?

Setting up Google Apps through HostPapa couldn’t be easier. In fact, it’s as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Tell us how many Google Apps users you have
  2. Select your setup and deployment options
  3. Select your training and support options

And that’s it! Contact us for more information now!

Can I run an on-premise solution like Microsoft Exchange alongside Google Apps for Business?

By purchasing HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps, you will have access to HostPapa’s team of setup and deployment specialists. They will help you find the best solution for your business, whether that be achieved through running both Microsoft Exchange and Google Apps, using a syncing application (if you want to continue to use Outlook or Office, for example), or finding another option.

See HostPapa’s setup and deployment packages.

That said, businesses that wish to run an on-premise email solution as well as Google Apps are generally looking to:

  1. Test Google Apps while running their existing mail solution as an interim transitional step between an on-premise email solution and a full hosted email solution, or
  2. Use Google Apps as a back-up to their on-premise solution, such as Exchange

Given the flexibility of Google Apps, both scenarios are definitely possible. It's just a question of how much configuration you, or HostPapa, has to do for your specific business needs. Once everything is in place, and incoming/outgoing email is being captured in Google Apps, you will be able to move seamlessly to Google Apps should the need arise.

As you come to be comfortable with the cost, reliability, and convenience of Gmail, you and your users will be able to transition over to Google Apps as a complete solution.

Looking for specific information? Fill out HostPapa’s request for information and a representative will contact you within 24 hours.

Does Google Apps work with Microsoft Outlook and other clients?

Google Apps can be set up to work with Outlook and other email clients. Many users enjoy this application – and this way, employees can use the interface they know and love, but you have the security of Google at work behind the scenes. Your employees are happy, and you get the savings and security benefits!

Google Apps Sync for Microsoft Outlook is a popular plug-in that enables your business to run Microsoft Outlook on Google Apps, instead of Microsoft Exchange.

HostPapa will also help with syncing Google Apps with other clients, including Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail, and iCal. We’ll ensure you have all the information you need as you set up your Google Apps account.

I have multiple companies with different domain names. Can I manage Google Apps for Business for them from one administrative account?

Yes. As long as you own all of the domain names, no problem! Google Apps customers can associate up to 600 Internet domains with one Google Apps accounts.

Although each domain will remain an independent entity, Google Apps will recognize them as part of one umbrella account or organization. All the domains will be administered using the same Google Apps administrator control panel. Even though each domain has a separate set of user accounts, users belonging to any of the domains can share calendars and documents.

I have to send a lot of emails on a daily basis. Does Google Apps for Business impose a sending limit?

Google Apps for Business has a generous sending limit of 2,000 emails a day. This guideline is in place to prevent abuse, and to help fight spam. If you reach this limit, your account will be unable to send mail temporarily.

Does Google Apps for Business work with BlackBerry devices, the iPhone, and other mobile phones?

Yes! A key benefit of Google Apps for Business is its anywhere, any time accessibility. To meet that goal, your files and communications will be accessible from a variety of mobile phones, including BlackBerry devices, iPhones, Windows Mobile and many others. As part of your HostPapa setup, we will provide you with the information resources necessary to help you sync your Google Apps account when you’re on the go.

Can I have a subset of employees on Google Apps for Business and others on Google Apps?

HostPapa does not support Google Apps and Google Apps for Business user accounts as part of the same organization's Google Apps account. Google Apps is not set up to support both groups under one account either.

How do I transfer my existing files, emails, and contacts to Google Apps?

We can take care of securely migrating all your data from your legacy system – such as Microsoft or Lotus – to Google, so you’re up and running in no time! HostPapa will also help you with specific content, such as calendars, Exchange objects, Lotus workflows, web applications, and more.

HostPapa offers a number of support packages, which provide additional guidance – even full Google Apps management services once the migration is complete.

Take a closer look at our data migration services, and our 100% Worry-Free Full Admin support offering.

Training & Support

What training does HostPapa offer?

HostPapa offers affordable and comprehensive multi-language training programs to get you up and running with Google Apps quickly. Our courses, designed by our cloud services experts, include step-by-step video tutorials, training manuals, downloadable support guides, and other features to make the transition a snap!

Check out the details of our exclusive training & support programs!

Do you offer support?

HostPapa Support Services for Google Apps customers may sign up for a comprehensive support program designed with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. The 100% Worry-Free Full Admin Support package provides customers with HostPapa’s proven customer service and support, and is designed to keep your business running problem-free.

Included in 100% Worry-Free Full Admin Support

  • 24/7/365 multi-language support through chat, email, toll-free telephone, and a ticketed helpdesk system
  • Library of training videos
  • Searchable knowledgebase
  • Complete administrative assistance
  • Dedicated account representative

Take a look at our support chart for full details.

It sounds good, but I'm going to need some extra help. What should I do?

Don’t worry! You can get all the help you need from our dedicated team of cloud services experts and our support programs.

Our deployment specialists will guide you through the setup and deployment of your Google Apps solution, even helping with data migration, and setting up mobile devices. Once you’re all set up, we’ll still be here! HostPapa’s support packages offer 24/7/365 multi-language support, a searchable knowledgebase, administrative assistance, and a dedicated account representative. We’re here to help. Check out our support offerings.

If you still have questions, fill out our request for information.

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