HostPapa Connect
Full features list
Find us
Show your customers where you are located, using the reliable Google maps plug-in.
Automatically convert and optimize your videos for any device.
Highlight your products and add a shopping cart so customers can purchase from the site.
Let customers read business reviews that have been added to Yelp and Foursquare.
Create forms to suit your needs.
Display your tweets on your mobile site; updates automatically.
Image gallery
Publish high-quality images on your goMobi website.
Call us
Make it easy for customers to call you with one click.
Create special offers to entice your mobile customers!
Leave a message
Let customers leave a message requesting information.
Booking a request
Let your customers request a reservation.
Tell a friend
Get more traffic when visitors send a message with a link to your website.
Keep me informed
Maximize contact with customers. Get opt-ins for email and text messages.
Call back
Customers can leave messages requesting a call back.
Share your blog.
Opening hours
Tell customers when you are open for business.
Unlimited pages
Add pages anytime to highlight additional content.
Share information on your services to help convert more leads.
Event calendar
Publicize your events using Google Calendar.
Don’t forget to share the fine print!
Site translation
Allow your mobile site visitors to select the language of their choice.
Drive chat about your business by giving visitors access to your Facebook page.
WYSIWYG editing
Simple and stress-free content editing, using the friendly WYSIWYG goMobi Control Panel tool.
Customize the site
Upload your company logo and change your site's aesthetics and design to suit your brand.
Mobile/desktop site redirection
Direct users to the correct version of your site, depending on the device requesting access.
Device detection
Your site will be viewed flawlessly across thousands of mobile devices.
Full transcoding
Adapts website content seamlessly.
Know where your traffic is coming from and where they’re visiting.
Designers and developers can deliver great customized mobile sites.
QR codes
Promote your site with automatically created marketing flyers and QR codes.
"Check in"
Support for Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Google Places.
Create link
Create a link to any other web pages that will compliment your business.
Upload custom icons
Get seriously creative! Upload custom icons for each feature.
Smartphone bookmark icon
Upload a bookmark icon that customers can use on their smartphone home screen.
Site preview
Live site preview so you can see edits to the site as you make them.
Add specific keywords to each feature to improve ranking in search engines.
Site sharing options
Drive traffic by posting your site URL to Facebook or Twitter, or by emailing it.
Multiple design templates
A variety of mobile templates to choose from to get you started with great designs.
Multiple icon sets
Select from a variety of icons sets to customize the look and feel of your site.
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