Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

Like you, we like to keep things simple

At HostPapa, we don’t make you calculate what you need to pay in order to run a store. We don’t design our packages as a percentage of anything, but rather just a simple flat fee. This is why we based our packages on three levels of monthly sales: $1,000.00, $10,000.00 and unlimited for a simple and affordable monthly flat rate. It’s as simple and predictable as it can be.


Seamless integration with PayPal Merchant Processing

Setting up a merchant account and payment processing are typically the most difficult aspects of getting an online store up and running. But with HostPapa eShops, there's a built-in PayPal payment gateway that also accepts credit cards. The requirements? All you need is a PayPal account.

Seamless integration with PayPal Merchant Processing

We want you to sell - not lose time setting up your store

HostPapa eShops includes everything you will ever need to set up your store and start selling online. Most eCommerce solutions confine you to their pre-built templates and rigid store builder. Not HostPapa eShops: you can freely choose any website building platform, including HTML, WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and more. We even provide functionality to build a store on Facebook! YOU choose how you want to build your website and online store.

We're a smarter solution. You get everything you NEED from an eCommerce package: a domain name, website hosting, secure shopping cart, payment gateway, email accounts, security seals and certificates, marketing tools and reporting. We want you to focus on bringing in revenue, not getting bogged down in administration.

Our take on available options

There are three major segments in eCommerce:

ex.: Amazon, eBay Stores ex.: Yahoo, Volusion, Shopify ex.: HostPapa eShops!
Easy to start but very limited capacity for store owner to build a true online identity. Looks easy and affordable, yet are more expensive on every marker. Forced to use their tools and website builder.

Pay additional for transaction fees on many accounts.
Turn any website you have into an online store without having to start from scratch.

One monthly flat fee to take the guesswork and math out of the equation.
Hard to integrate into a seamless brand experience. You will not have your own identity and will have to use an “Amazon or eBay store” URL to clients.

Forced to use their tools and to bring customers to their website; not yours.
All you get is a shopping cart. You also need to cope with small print and conditions, like price increase on year 2 or transaction costs paid on percentage of sales. Build your own identity (yourstore.com) and set up your web store any way you like. A complete solution, offering your domain name, website and web hosting, marketing tools, and much more - all for one low price.

HostPapa is committed to helping entrepreneurs grow their businesses online. We firmly believe that HostPapa eShops stands up to every other eCommerce solution on the market. Try it for yourself to see!

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