Why Care About Green?

Why Care About Going Green?

Why should you care about supporting businesses that use renewable electricity? You may think, what difference can I really make?

A business owner, an entrepreneur, an internet hobbyist, a webmaster - call yourself what you will, but you are also a consumer of energy and energy products and services. Every kilowatt hour of power that you use, including running your website(s), has an effect on the rest of the world. The electricity you or the businesses you patronize purchase can either increase (if nonrenewable electricity) or reduce (if renewable electricity) the overall environmental impact of that energy production and consumption. That’s a lot of power you have.

Make no mistake about it - the generation of electricity (and its resultant greenhouse gases and carbon emissions) is the single most contributing factor in the preponderance of industrial pollution in North America. Acid rain, soot, smog, mercury, and particulate matter (among other pollutants) are serious detriments to our health - as a people and a planet. They contribute to increased cancer rates and other harmful health risks. The American Lung Association estimates that 50,000-100,000 deaths per year in the U.S. are attributable to air pollution. This alone should give you more than an inkling as to how beneficial any steps you take, however small, to reduce air pollution is to your world.

And when we say "however small," we mean it. The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that each $1 spent on efforts to control carbon emissions gives us back $45 worth of health benefits - in the form of less work days lost to sickness, less visits to the doctor, less people hospitalized, and a lower rate of premature deaths. ONE DOLLAR! How much do you spend on power each month? Multiply that by $45 and imagine how many lives you can save.

The World Watch Institute puts the number, should we implement policies to control, prevent, and reduce global warming, at 8 million environment-related deaths prevented over a 20-year period.

But is renewable electricity good for your business’s bottom line? You may not even believe how much! Since renewable electricity sources like hydro, solar, and wind power do not involve fuel or transportation costs, you - the business-owner - can count on greater price stability. As our civilization continues to deplete the world's natural resources at a breakneck pace, relying on natural "alternative" sources of energy, or renewable electricity, provides your business (and consequently the world) with greater energy security. In other words, you know you won't be running out of power this way, and you won't be contributing to the imminent depletion of power generated by, shall we say, less renewable methods.

Using renewable electricity also contributes in many significant ways to economic development - specifically saving consumers a ton of money that can otherwise be used for greater affluence and poured into the economy in other, more proactive ways. Renewable energy encourages development of the economy in the form of greater capital investments, such as money to ranchers, farmers, landowners, and tax revenues. It also helps to establish more jobs, as renewable electricity creates approximately twice as many job opportunities as its non-renewable counterpart.

Moreover, the increased awareness that a self-avowed and third-party certified green website raises produces a chain reaction of consciousness and conscientiousness across the worldwide web and the world itself.

As "green" consciousness is spreading, consumers in all areas are starting to look to the businesses they patronize to take the lead in protecting and preserving our environment. That means now, more than any other time in our history, if a consumer is given a choice between a web hosting provider, for example, or a commercial website like yours that provides some other product or service, but that is hosted by a web hosting company that uses renewable electricity versus one that doesn’t - all other factors being equal - he or she will almost invariably choose the green business - or that one that supports renewable electricity.

Why go green? Why support green businesses that utilize renewable energy, like HostPapa web hosting, to help you in your business and personal endeavors? Because it works! On a very practical level, recycling one aluminum can saves enough electricity to power a television for six full hours. Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to keep a 100-watt bulb lit for four hours. And when a business recycles a single ton of paper, it is able to save over 350 gallons of oil, about 7,000 of water, and enough electricity to run an average home for half a year. You can't beat that with a fossil fuel.