HostPapa Puts Its Support Behind Saving the Elephants in Africa

HostPapa will donate $5 to Save the Elephants for every GoDaddy customer who transfers to HostPapa

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA – April 5, 2011 – You've probably heard about it in the news: Bob Parsons, CEO of GoDaddy Inc. (one of the largest domain providers and web hosting companies in world) recently took part in an elephant hunt – for sport – in Africa. The graphic slaughter of the elephant was captured on video, which Parsons shared with the public through Twitter.

HostPapa rarely speaks out against its competitors, but in this case we feel compelled to join the many voices condemning Parsons' actions.

For more on this story as well as the GoDaddy CEO's response to the backlash, check out these news items:

HostPapa, like a number of other quality hosting companies, would like to invite anyone wishing to leave GoDaddy to join our hosting family.

To switch to HostPapa from GoDaddy, simply sign up as a new customer on our website.

Use the coupon code “elephant” in our shopping cart and you will receive:

  • A free domain name for life
  • 3 months free web hosting

HostPapa will also donate $5 to the charity Save The Elephants ( every time this coupon is used.

In addition, take part in our Earth Day 10,000 trees program: simply visit our HostPapa Facebook page ( – we'll donate a tree for every person who clicks “Like.” These trees are given to school children in Africa to plant.

Coupon is valid until April 30, 2011

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